Cecily Raine

With a crystal-like voice solo artist Cecily Raine sings while accompanying herself on the piano. The classically trained musician, who grew up in Woodland, California with a 1905 Steinway grand piano and a love of creating melody lines, has been composing since she was twelve. The meanings of her lyrics often change with repeated listening. Raine’s soft rock style, centering on the piano, is all her own. Her songs, evolving from her life, embrace both the bright lights and shadows.

Raine doesn’t confine her musical influences to one era or genre but remembers feeling the “emotional punch” when she first heard the Red House Painters in high school. Other strong musical influences are Pink Floyd and Nick Drake.

In 2007, after releasing her second home recorded album “Sleep,” written for a short film, Raine gave away her possessions and moved from Port Townsend, Washington to Los Angeles. Inspiration for her latest album and first studio release “Missing” (2011) came from many sources including “the beauty and insanity of the Los Angeles freeways, twinkling lights from the hilltops, helicopters, sirens, buildings, birds and nature wrapped into one tight, sparkling dress, ” she says.

“Missing” was recorded and mixed at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica and mastered at Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood.



Only Blue It started with the devil Then each thought a world of its own With ocean and ozone and people called it home We walk out in the quiet night All of these people side with you We wait for an explanation Or a talk show host says it's true But I see only blue How to separate the devil and the truth I let it live with me it has its own room Halfway Out He won't give up easily Following you around the city People ask just a childhood friend At your fancy party Just one life one night Hey when he came around Either way you lose you're halfway out We don't give up easily Brown bottles of codeine People ask just an innocent trend White dress in the morning Last In Line I was in Fairfield shining pianos with a rag You in the black coat Needing guitar strings for your dad You found me last in line Never insisting that I give you anything more Than what I was missing We were in midtown living with gold in our lungs In a century old house behind the magnolia In the evening the trains would go by As we held hands walking past broken street lights Wherever I go There's always someone who looks like me Living the same life that I am trying to be free of Late Is this the last time we'll say goodbye We were only laughing too late and I could love you Who wouldn't love you This is your decision to make I tried You were only staying for my sake Wonderful You're in my house forever Tiny cups served with dinner Looking out for a letter or call Losing track of the days here It gets dark and they cover the mirrors So these nights won't disappear too I could paint a sunny place We could never go Slowing down a nobody trying To be wonderful You're in my heart forever Glossy hallway and weepers Melting crayons on the heaters tonight There's a mall and a shuttling bus For those who can straighten up Walk in single file lines We Lost Went north and spent a few Summers gave a glimpse of blue Disappointed some of them With rummage sales and mannequins We lost a lot and the people we forgot We lost the heart But nothing will change till we fall apart Bunker walls an art display Voices only trail away Could have gone inside for you Didn't fight so couldn't lose Mockingbirds Who will wait when the doors are shutting With the t.v. on and the phone lines open Who will keep their worries from showing Who will keep the marching band going We wanted to fall asleep In this farming town We wanted to fall asleep With mockingbirds around us Who will wait when there's no more time For Christmas cards and hanging lights Who will keep the cameras rolling Who will keep their sorrow from showing Searching These old chairs English plates Only two left Once had eight Cherry sours after meals Playing dress up in your heels If you find me searching around If you find me searching I'll say hello Charcoal girl Warm iced tea On the back porch in the heat Black rimmed glasses Struggled breath You got dressed up when you left Tiny Fires You are the only song I have left The sound of sirens nearing my last breath We don't have time to practice living We don't have hearts to rehearse loving On your night let the tiny fires burn On your night there's a stage and it's your turn You are the question I can't ask You are the moment I can't grasp We don't have minds to do our talking We don't have words to do our thinking Abandoned Buildings When you come home It's too bad you don't know and When you call it's too bad you don't see it all See Los Angeles breaks my heart Is it too late for me Is it too late to be me


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